Tax Forms


Tax Form Availability


Lithgow offers free IRS + Maine 1040 paper forms.  Ask at the Reference Desk for your free 1040 form (1-per-person), as available. We also have free IRS 1040 instruction books.

Libraries no longer receive unlimited tax forms, but all Federal IRS + Maine Revenue forms, schedules + tables are now available online for you to print (at home or at the Library 20¢ / page.)

Federal + Maine 1040 forms are the only free paper forms Lithgow provides.

Here are the different ways you can obtain tax forms:


Paper Forms In-Person

Lithgow Library  has a limited supply of IRS & Maine 1040 paper forms for free (one-per-person).  These are the only paper forms that the library will stock. Other Federal + State forms, schedules + tables are available online for you to print (at home or at the Library for 20¢ / page.)

IRS:  In-person service by appointment only. Phone (207) 879-4683. The nearest
IRS office address is
Taxpayer Assistance Office
440 Western Ave
South Portland, ME 04106
Note: The Augusta office is closed to the public..

Maine Revenue Service: The Maine Revenue Office (51, Commerce Dr, Augusta 04330) has some forms in the lobby. The offices are locked and do not support in-person requests.

Online Printable Forms

Lithgow Library offers free computer & Internet access & charges 20¢ per printed page.


Maine Revenue Service:

Paper Forms by Mail

Lithgow Library does not offer tax-form service by mail.

IRS:  Request tax forms by phone 800-TAX-FORMS
(800-829-3676). The IRS will mail the federal forms to you.

Maine Revenue Service: Request by phone (207) 626-8475
Request by mail: Maine Revenue Service, PO Box 9107, Augusta, ME 04332-9107
Maine Revenue Service will mail the state forms to you.