Mental Health Resources

Maine people affected by the violence in Lewiston are encouraged to reach out and connect with behavioral health support. Incidents of mass violence can lead to a range of emotional reactions, including anxiety, fear, anger, despair and a sense of helplessness that may begin immediately or in the days or weeks following the event. Please click here for Behavioral Health Resources for Those Affected by the Violence in Lewiston. Please click here for the State of Maine Office of Governor Janet T. Mills’s webpage of resources called Healing Together: Supporting Victims and Families of the Tragedy in Lewiston. Please click here for Maine Association of Nonprofits’ webpage of Resources for Community Care + Response to Lewiston Tragedy.

If you or a loved one is in crisis call the Maine Crisis Line: 1-888-568-1112. If you feel there is an immediate risk of harm call 911. Let the dispatcher that this is a mental health crisis.

NAMI Hotline: 800-464-5767. Through support, education, and advocacy, NAMI Maine is dedicated to building better lives for the 1 in 4 Mainers who are affected by mental illness. Please click here for NAMI’s Resource Database which includes numerous mental health resources and an interactive map. Please click here for NAMI’s support tips following the tragedy in Lewiston.

Please click here for information on Maine’s current weapon laws.

Here are some resources for how to talk to children about mental health, the news, mass shootings, or other tragic events:

Maine Therapist Directory is an online search tool dedicated exclusively to helping Mainers find qualified, licensed therapists and mental health counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals, who have dedicated their careers to supporting Maine residents in their mental health and well-being needs.

Random Acts of Kindness Foundation believes that the power of gratitude is undeniable. Spending even a few moments a day intentionally appreciating what we have in this life can boost our mental health in a number of ways. Visit their website for free resources on mental health, self care, gratitude practices, kindness, and more. Here is a PDF of their gratitude calendar for November.